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Crikey, been informed I have a new follower and realised it’s been about a year since my last post….and what a year! I finished my stint at Woodlands (BESD special school for secondary students) and then went straight into HELL! I took over another long term sick position in a referral unit near Birkenhead, and so the nightmare began - long story short - shit leadership, inconsistency, low staff morale, led to me being punched (broken nose) locked in a cupboard and verbally abused on a daily basis….my name was “F*cking fat c*nt) not Ms Mooney. I stuck this for 6 months whilst getting my own consultancy off the ground.

Deciding to start my own LTD. company was a huge decision in so far as I know how crap I am at administration…and yes, this has proved difficult, but really enjoyed the freedom of setting up myself and all that involves…and now…I have taken a position in a ‘contentious free school.’ and NO, not one of ‘Gove’s girls’ as my partner likes to tease me, you think after the second punch in the ribs he’d stop…?

Sandymoor School in Runcorn is placed in an affluent middle class area on the border of one of the most deprived areas in the country, so the mix is really interesting, my role has now been promoted to SENCO together with head of Art & Technology. What an opportunity, to set up a whole new curriculum and implement it, just how I want it, most exhilarating!

I am still suffering the loss of a regular income for 18 months, so financially it will take some time to recover, but for now, I crave the routine of the school and the companionship of like minded colleagues that I am fortunate to be working with.

26 September 2012 ·

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2011 is a year I will face with in a cycle of excitement and trepidation (inevitably some depression and mania) Being a School Improvement Officer for Liverpool City Council, the year holds potential redundancy (trepidation) consequently I need to consider my options (excitement) this is my journey of a year which will shift the direction of my life...again!